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BiPart is a social enterprise whose aim is to empower people by introducing innovative forms of democratic governance and decision making processes in local communities, civic organizations as well as social enterprises.
Our actions and tools are designed to be composed also in flexible sequences and combinations, capable of responding to multiple needs and purposes.

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E-democracy Platform Empaville Game


by designing and testing participatory processes and institutions in real life settings;


by developing an eparticipation software platform which embeds these processes and these governance settings, makes them more sustainable, and helps communities to experiment them;


by using role playing games and social networks to spread the knowledge.

How we work

Starting from these objectives, the company has developed and consolidated a specific methodology that permeates the activities, tools and governance models promoted and implemented in its own projects and in which it collaborates. The methodological approach proposed by BiPart is inspired by the Participatory Budget (BP)

What is a Partecipatory budgeting?
How we work

BiPart Platform

E-democracy tool to support local authorities, third sector organizations, informal groups and companies in defining and managing participatory processes, increasing the involvement of their communities in strategic decisions.

Bipart Platform

Empaville RolePlaying Game

The game kit for planning moments of participation, discussion and deliberation.
At school, in the municipality, in the company ...
Empaville RPG helps to stimulate idea creation and active participation.
80 original characters, 20 challenges, 4 maps

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Our Projects

Unione Romagna Faentina

Unione Romagna Faentina

Participatory Budgeting

Campi Bisenzio

Campi Bisenzio

Participatory Budgeting


Scuola di mobilitazione politica

Call for ideas

Mix the bubbles

Mix the Bubbles

MPolicy proposals makerr

Il futuro è Como

Il futuro è como

Empowerment of Civic Political Party

Pescara Young

Pescara Young

Participatory Budgeting for school



Participatory Budgeting for school



Urban Innovative action